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  • PAPER TO DIGITAL IMAGES : We provide document scanning services for a large variety of applications. We pick up your documents and we will send them back to you via FTP or on a CD.
  • PAPER TO MICROFILM : We convert all types of business and government records, engineering drawings, newspapers, medical records, research notebooks, computer reports and other various documents to standard microfilm formats.
  • LARGE FORMAT SCANNING : We digitize the images from your microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards. Our experienced team and customer service focus gives you the highest quality images from all types of microfilm.
  • DIGITAL IMAGES TO MICROFILM : Converting digital images to microfilm provides a simple but extremely effective solution for long term document storage and disaster recovery. MIS can convert your digital images to microfilm so they can easily be stored for disaster recovery or legal and government compliance. Once stored offsite we now have a complete disaster recovery program and long-term storage for permanent records.
  • MICROFILM TO DIGITAL IMAGES : At MIS our document image processing will convert your microfilm files to TIFF images with simplicity and ease. We use the most sophisticated microfilm equipment and microfilm scanners to give you the best quality images. We pick up your film or microfiche and we will send it back to you on CD.
  • MICROFILM PROCESSING, DUPLICATION & DISASTER RECOVERY : Complete microfilm processing and duplication program, monitored by Eastman Kodak for quality. We process 16mm and 35mm microfilm and create diazo and silver duplicates for backup.